The meaning of performance marketing

Performance marketing is a sector within digital marketing. Just as some digital marketers have chosen to build expertise in social media marketing or website development, some choose to focus on performance marketing. What does performance marketing mean? The term performance marketing is being used differently by different digital marketers.

Sometimes, it just means marketing that leads to a highly measurable outcome. Generally, the outcome from all digital marketing is very measurable as compared to the output from offline or traditional marketing, so this definition is we believe a little loose.


At other times, performance marketing is used as a synonym for pay-per-lead or pay-per-conversion or even pay-per-clickmarketing, where the digital marketing agency is paid based on such performance (leads, conversions or clicks). To us at Interskale, this definition is a little limiting.

Unlike several other digital marketers, we don’t like to carry out online activities unless they result in a measurable business objective. E.g. running an ad on Facebook for amount X or make 3 posts a week on social media or build a 10 page website are not good enough goals in themselves. None of such actions do justice to the tremendous potential of digital.

Performance marketing by Interskale

We believe that digital marketing is the most powerful marketing medium today. Hence, performance marketing should stand for something much more. To us, performance marketing means digital marketing which makes a significant difference to the business performance of our client’s business. We typically like to take up those digital marketing assignments which can make a measurable difference to your business, such as faster sales growth, brand-building and new product launches.

Performance Marketing Solution India

Our performance marketing solutions

We practising performance marketing in two ways. For non-e-commerce companies, the performance marketing solution we most often provide is lead generation and management. If you have a product or service with a price point of above a few thousand INR (few hundred $), we can help you with leads. Learn more about our lead generation and management services here.

For e-commerce companies, the performance marketing solutions we provide are e-commerce conversion consulting and site traffic generation. The digital marketing services we most commonly use to deliver performance marketing are website design and development, online advertising, e-commerce conversions consulting and SEO.


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