LinkedIn Ads

About LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads is perhaps the most powerful ad platform for B2B marketing. Globally over 900 million+ and in India 100 million+ people are on LinkedIn. This is quite a remarkable number considering these are all educated, working (or soon to be working i..e student) professionals. For the purpose of the LinkedIn campaigns, we can segment the above audience in very many ways. The most popular ones are industry, company size, function and level (seniority),. for example the following selection for The platform has built some capabilities of late, though not as much as one would have liked. It has in fact introduced some popular features available on Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Though overall, in terms of ad capabilities, LinkedIn Ads is not on par with the above two platforms.

How we do it

The way LinkedIn advertising works is somewhat subtle. It can be sometimes handled incorrectly.

The right messaging and the right choice of campaign types and creative units - there are quite a few - is required to succeed.

It is not the cheapest cost option either. Ads usually cost a minimum of INR 2000 ($40 for international) on CPM and INR 100 (S2 for international) or more on CPC basis. There is also a daily minimum starting budget, unlike Google Ads and Facebook Ads which don't have a set minimum budget.

Having handled dozens of LinkedIn campaigns, we know what works when. We can give you a road map on what to do and execute as well.

Every B2B business or a business targeting professionals e.g. accountants or architects should look at LinkedIn Ads as an additional business channel.

LinkedIn ads for Interskale client Iris Home Fragrances (Cycle Agarbathi)

LinkedIn ads for Interskale client SKUtro (Godrej & Boyce)