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Facebook Ads and Google Ads compared

Facebook was a late starter to advertising but has since made good progress in terms of its advertising capabilities and opportunities. It is preferred by some agencies and advertisers because it is strong visually: it has several ad units each more visually striking than those in Google Ads. Overall, it has less targeting opportunities and also has fewer options for managing or optimizing the campaign performance than available in Google Ads. By the same token, it is also easier to learn and manage than Google Ads.

Some of the strengths and capabilities of Facebook Ads are different from those of Google Ads, making the use of advertising on Google and Facebook complement each other.

Facebook Ads and Facebook posts

Facebook posts are well-known to every Facebook user. However, they do not have the reach that Facebook Ads has. Any Facebook post is shown to only a small fraction of one’s total page followers. Facebook is a business like any other: to show a post to all of one’s followers, one needs to “boost” the post (a simple type of paid Facebook advertising). Overall, Facebook has moved from being an organic social medium to a paid social medium. It is a rare large or very popular brand or business that can afford to not use paid ads and just use the organic Facebook page.

Ad platforms from Facebook

Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp, though the latter is essentially a non-paid platform. WhatsApp for Business is essentially a tool for customer support and engagement with one’s own customers and not an online advertising tool. Instagram Ads strength is its popularity among the below 35 year old audience and this is managed from the Facebook Ads platform itself.

Interskale’s use of Facebook Ads


Interskale has made intelligent use of Facebook's ad capabilities for its clients. We have created brand campaigns that allow good reach, OTS (opportunities to see or frequency) and impact. We have had store visit campaigns to drive consumers into retail stores. We create and run lead generation campaigns, e-commerce campaigns, app install campaigns and remarketing campaigns.

Some Facebook ads

Some Instagram ads

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