About us

About Interskale

Interskale Digital Marketing and Consulting is a best in class, full service digital marketing firm. We were founded in 2010 by senior Internet industry professionals (IIMA/IIT).

Our management team has had prior experience at the senior level in the consumer Internet industry (which means companies like Google and Yahoo) as well as in marketing and in operating roles in the corporate sector. This has led to our building a team where even the average team member has top-class skills - creative, marketing or technical, as the case may be.

We understand what works on the Internet: we provide an approach that’s well thought out and execution that’s solid.

Firstly, we are able to tell you exactly what to do and what not to do (digital strategy).

Our execution is solid thanks not only to our skilled team but also our processes and our commitment to quality work. Here is
how we do it

In addition to finding solutions to marketing problems through our digital marketing services, we also have a web-based products business. Our online lead management system is ideal for businesses who want to manage (follow-up) their enquiries.

High quality website design and development firm

We have attracted some of the finest minds from leading universities such as

  • IIM Ahmedabad
  • ISB Hyderabad
  • Sir JJ School of
    Fine Arts
  • Purdue University
Digital marketing agency for small and medium enterprises (SME)

We are currently working with large, medium, small and newly created organizations, operating across multiple industries, in India and outside.

We believe the Internet today provides a never-before opportunity for firms of all sizes and types to grow.

Why another digital marketing firm

Interskale was founded to solve one key problem. While today nearly every organization already considers the Internet indispensable for its marketing, the reality is that there a big gap when it comes to execution.

Very few organizations have been able to tap well the potential of digital marketing. And those that do, find that the field moves so fast that there is a danger of getting left behind again.

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Digital marketing agency for business growth
  • Fast-moving industry: New ad platforms, platform features, creative units etc. Are coming up every day
  • Competitive industry: Your need to be ahead of your competitors. They are bound to be now adopting digital marketing seriously or will soon do so.
  • A talent shortage

At Interskale, we believe that given this dynamic and competitive environment, only top-notch online work can succeed. And that most digital firms may not have the right pedigree or experience required to deliver such quality work. This was the reason that Interskale was set up and continues to be around today.

Our track record

In our 8+ years, we have worked across a dozen plus industry sectors. We have offered every available digital marketing service service. And for our client organizations, we have been able to make value additions such as:

Effective and high ROI digital marketing
Transformations and results achieved by digital marketing
  • Generate cost-effective and quality enquiries
  • Develop exports across new markets
  • Launch new products
  • Reposition corporate brands
  • Expand business partner networks
  • Enhance brand image amongst one’s existing customer base
  • Enable retailers do ecommerce
  • Improve conversion of business enquiries

See examples of our work.

It is common for us to contribute 30 to 50% of the business of the brand
or company we have been working with.

Our operating style

This is best understood when we begin talking but to give you a feel:

Highly ethical, client-friendly digital marketing company in Mumbai
  • No Internet buzzwords

    We talk about your business needs, you don’t have to know about the Internet.

  • No wasteful investments

    We recommend only those services that we think can help you.

  • No compromise on quality

You may also want to learn about the business principles we live by.

What we believe

  • Quality is our No. 1 mantra.
  • We nurture and follow Internet industry best practices.
  • We bring multiple skill sets to bear.
  • We partner with our customers in solving their problems.
  • Continuous learning & training is built into our DNA.
  • We believe in and care for our people.
  • We will measure our success also by what social and economic value we add, not only by what we earn.

Why the name consulting?

Our company name is Interskale Digital Marketing and Consulting. We are not a media company selling you advertising. Nor are we just a technology solutions provider. We are a provider of online solutions to help grow your business.

We study your marketing problems and suggest solutions. We then execute these solutions via multiple services.

Why the name Interskale?

We wanted a name which instantly conveys what we are about: helping scale up organizations using the Internet.

Our story

In 2007, Rohit, our CEO, who had earlier had two fruitful stints in senior positions in the Internet industry, got the opportunity to set up a digital marketing department inside a leading education company. This team was able to pioneer and scale up many digital marketing activities.

This success was the inspiration for the creation of Interskale. Why not replicate such success in other organizations?

Here is a story about us Here is a somewhat recent story about us. And here is a story about us when we were just when we were just 9 months old.

Internet projects with large social impact

    We have some big online ideas in socially relevant areas. The following ideas have been progressed thus far:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Climate change
  • Traffic congestion
  • Poor availability of public libraries

We invite sponsors – who may be organizations looking for socially relevant CSR projects – or angel investors looking to make a difference – to get in touch.

And if you have some other big social idea that needs to be taken online, you too may get in touch.