Our business principles

What are the core principles we live by? E.g. McDonalds lives by QSCV i.e. Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value. What are our principles? Do we have any?

Our principles are Value-Addition, Quality and Caring.

Value Addition

Through our work, we seek to add value to our client’s business. As a digital marketing agency with a focus on performance marketing, very often this means adding to the sales or market share of our client’s business.


Our belief is that unless we excel in each of our key functional areas viz. digital strategy, creative, marketing, technology and client servicing, we cannot deliver high quality to our clients. And that in digital marketing, unless the work delivered is of high quality, no real value is added to the client’s business.


In addition to caring for ROI and service quality for our clients, we care about our people and for the community at large. We spend considerable time nurturing and developing the careers of young people, passionate about digital, who join us. Interskale Social is our initiative for the community.