Marketing consulting

Shortage of marketing talent in organizations

The attractiveness of digital marketing has led to near universal use among organizations. Looking at just online ads, for example, Google has a ballpark 20 million clients and Meta has 10 million clients. To this must be added the number of organizations having websites or using social media. The number of organizations using digital marketing is far more than have ever tried - leave along adopted - offline marketing.

In our experience, most of these organizations don't have an in-house marketing team or even a full- time marketing executive. We have seen this to be true even of organizations with 500 employees or with a turnover of $50 million (INR 400 crores). There is a dearth of marketing talent in the industry as a whole. And most non-consumer companies e.g. B2B and SME, do not have a marketing team or department.

For various reasons, doing great digital marketing involves, first and foremost, great marketing, the digital part is an add-on. And organizations or brands that are marketing- oriented can expect their digital marketing to fetch a higher ROI.

Our marketing consulting role

Interskale is a digital marketing company that is Marketing First. Our senior leadership has a classical marketing background, having worked in MNC consumer companies.

In view of the above paucity of marketers at client organizations, we often act as organizations’ marketing advisors or consultants.

We advise our clients on how to become marketing oriented, on the importance of building a brand, on how to listen to the customer, on how to create more effective sales promotions et al. We work on the brand positioning and on creating a premium brand for our clients, supported by appropriate communication and appealing brand identity, logos, collateral, UI et al. This marketing consulting work is in addition to our work on digital marketing strategy and digital marketing execution.

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Marketing consulting services

Our marketing consulting services typically include:

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand management
  • Branding - naming, logo, design, tag lines etc.
  • Content marketing
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Strategic insights (market research)
  • Martech (marketing technology)
Our marketing consulting work

Some of our past assignments include:

  • Brand strategy for a hair fall oil
  • Digital marketing strategy for Indian School of Business
  • Strategic insights for a chain of healthcare clinics
  • Brand consulting for a management consulting company
  • SEO strategies for several brands

As our senior management is involved, we typically take on a limited number of marketing consulting assignments at a time.

Our marketing consulting capabilities are one reason clients like to work with us. Here are some reasons why clients choose to work with us.

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