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The importance of having an e-commerce business

E-commerce sales will grow substantially over the next few years. As per The Economist, just 8.5% of retail trade worldwide today is online. In India, this is less than 5%. The online buying boom will be powered by an increased usage of mobile phones.

The previous boom was fuelled by start-ups seeking to launch portals and marketplaces. The future growth in e-commerce will be due to regular retailers seeking to offer the convenience of online buying to their own customers. Not offering online buying will not be an option: failure to do so will mean loss of customers.


How well are e-commerce businesses managing

Running an e-commerce business requires retailers to have technology expertise, online marketing savvy and logistics arrangements to ship to individual customers. None of these has been a core capability of retailers.

At Interskale, we examined the websites and online marketing practices of 50 e-commerce businesses. These are India-based businesses that are all active e-commerce players: each is advertising in leading newspapers or magazines. The data shows that most e-commerce players do not have the best website or e-commerce marketing practices.


Interskale’s e-commerce solution

At Interskale, we assist e-commerce businesses in three ways:

  • We get them online

    If you want to set up an e-commerce website or want to overhaul your existing website, contact us. Our services include branding (logo and domain name), choice of technology, content writing, visual design and UI, web development, website management and hosting post launch. We work on all the leading platforms e.g. WooCommerce (WordPress), Magento, Shopify, Prestashop and Joomla as well as do custom development.

  • We get them traffic

    We drive traffic to sites through online advertising (PPC) as well as search engine optimization (SEO). We are an award-winning Google Partner agency with expertise in Search Ads, PLA (Shopping) Ads, Remarketing, Facebook Ads and many more.

  • We get them conversions

    Our e-commerce conversion optimization services help track and optimize your website to increase the % visitors who buy.

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