Search engine optimization

The changing nature of SEO

The nature of SEO has changed. Once, a few years after the Internet began, there were hundreds of search engines and SEO was a series of good practices mostly technical in nature implemented in the front-end code of the website. These tweaks to the code enabled the various search engines ‘read’ the content better. Sites which implemented these practices accurately ranked higher.

However, today, the World Wide Web is different. There is just one search engine that matters. And for any one search query, there are often millions of competing websites. Google attempts to rank these sites based on a complex set of over 200 criteria, which have never been fully revealed and are constantly being tweaked. What is known for sure is that Google prefers websites that appeal to and benefit users. The last couple of years have especially seen major change: these changes have been driven by the leading-edge capabilities of Google in machine learning and other technologies.

Interskale’s SEO practice

At Interskale, we breakdown this requirement of benefiting users into two viz. ensuring the website is user-friendly and ensuring the website has rich, relevant content. Interskale’s SEO practice does not start with selecting appropriate keywords and then tweaking the tags or website content, as has been the practise with traditional SEO practitioners. Rather, we work concurrently as your website consultants and SEO specialists.

How we improve ranking of a website - in the search results

Our SEO practices themselves follow Google's guidelines. We have evolved over three dozen coding and content-writing practices that we usually implement for websites. There is more than can be done at any one time. We use our experience to prioritize the tasks, monitor outcomes (search results) and re-prioritize. And our SEO practices list itself evolves based on new developments and improvements in Google Search.

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most in-demand digital marketing services. Website owners want their website to come within the top few searches on the home page - when important and relevant search queries are made on Google. Other website owners have the additional business expectation of additionally being able to generate enquiries or sales from this high ranking

Client engagement for SEO

A good SEO engagement demands a long-term commitment. In view of the intense competition and complex nature of the activity, it is not possible to achieve page 1 ranking or other high SERP (search engine ranking positions) immediately, you need to engage for many months at a minimum and thereafter to maintain this ranking, keep working at it.

Here is a link to the official SEO Starter Guide of Google. We recommend that all website owners peruse this document.

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