Other ad platforms

Here are some ad platforms - other than Google Ads, Facebook Ads and
LinkedIn Ads - on which we advertise.

Bing Ads

This is the only search engine other than Google with any meaningful market share. While Bing’s share is low in most countries, Bing Ads is a good option for those products which are already advertising on Google Ads and want to spend more on Google but cannot, because the products are somewhat niche. As they cannot spend more on Google Ads, they can try Bing Ads. Also, Bing has a good market share in the U.S. and the U.K.

We have PPC marketers who have trained and have experience in Bing, so as to give you the best bang for the buck

Bing has received a major upgrade through the integration of ChatGPT. It is expected to grow in market share and if this happens we will increase use of its ad platform.

Yahoo Ads

Yahoo, the pioneering Internet brand, still has its uses. It has a good audience share among the earliest Internet users in this country, thanks to Yahoo Mail. It has a portal - yahoo.in and yahoo.com - with a good number of channels. It has a reasonably advanced ad platform and a local team, being part of Verizon.

We have many years’ experience with Yahoo Ads and know when to recommend this over or in addition to other online advertising options.

Outbrain and Taboola

Outbrain is a popular display ad platform. It stands out for its large sized image ads, seen often on leading websites, which often blend in well with the site’s content, to create a somewhat non-intrusive, “native” advertising experience.

Outbrain has positioned itself as a provider of premium display ads. When one wants to reach an upmarket niche audience to build one’s brand, this is a viable option. It has been expanding it’s reach among premium publishers (like top news websites) and adding product features to make the platform more feature rich.

Taboola is another popular display ad platform, with similar capabilities and strengths as Outbrain.