Google Ads

The popularity of Google Ads

Google Ads is the most popular online advertising platform. It includes Search Ads, Display Network Ads, Shopping Ads, You Tube Ads and Google My Business or local ads. Being Google’s star, breadwinner product, it gets considerable attention from the company, with new features being frequently added. This has resulted in an ad platform of considerable power and also some complexity .

No matter what your marketing or business requirement, we are likely to be be able to find identify appropriate Google Ads campaigns for you. Search Ads is the most used platform for lead generation. Google Shopping is extremely popular for e-commerce businesses. Brand-building is eminently possible with Display and Video ads.

Google Ads allows targeting by user’s location, language spoken, demographics, income & occupation, interests, behaviour, life stage and content browsed.
More types of targeting are possible with Google Ads that with any other ad platform.

It also has good tools for keyword planning and other types of audience research, enabling us predict the opportunities and the performance for new advertisers.

Our Google Ads capability

We have been a Google Partner agency for several years and worked with over 50 organizations for their Google Ads requirements. Our digital marketers are Google Ads certified. Our senior digital marketers – responsible for strategy and team supervision - each have over 10 years’ hands-on experience on this platform.

Our Google Ads capability includes the ability to create effective copy and visuals. For ads on Google Search to be effective, they have to be written in specific ways, something that we have mastered. And display ads require a unique creative approach. The current favoured format is responsive ads. These require 10 lines of text along with 6 to 20 images to be given. An image and 2 lines of copy are dynamically merged to create the ad.

We are also conscious of the limitations of Google Ads and are able to recommend solutions outside of Google - when needed.