Amco Batteries

Launching a new car battery

Launch of a new car battery using digital marketing to generate awareness and leads

AMCO is India’s first automobile batteries company they pioneered the production of car batteries nearly 90 years ago. In recent years however they had lost share in car batteries business and were mainly present in 2-wheeler, tractor and other battery segments.

Amco developed Endura Plus a battery with advanced technology that gives a good, assured battery life especially under urban driving conditions. Interskale’s task was to launch this battery with a relatively modest marketing budget.

What we did
  • We identified the primary markets of interest for Endura Plus and - across ad platforms - identified audiences that were looking for car batteries.
  • Several different marketing communication propositions were developed. We also developed a landing page. These are shown below. These all also presented Endura Plus as a premium, value for money brand.
  • Focus was on simultaneously creating awareness and generating leads for car batteries. Both incoming calls and form-based leads were generated.
  • Over two dozen sales executives, stationed in various different cities, received the leads for their own territory through Interskale’s web-based lead management system.

The leads generated converted into orders for Endura Plus batteries. The amount invested by the client could therefore very well be directly measured in terms of sales ROI.

The response time to attend to the leads was good thanks to the use of Interskale’s web-based lead management system (LMS). As battery purchase (replacement of failed battery) is time sensitive, this responsiveness was an important factor in driving the consumer purchases.

The client was pleased with the creative and the results overall.

Landing page

Well-designed landing page for awareness and lead geneartaion	Well-designed landing page for awareness and lead geneartaion

Google display ads

Display ads for B2B brand

Search ads

Search ads for battery manufacturing company

Lead management system

Lead management system for B2B Marketing