Whatever be your business or your marketing requirement, we have a digital marketing solution.

At Interskale we offer the following digital marketing solutions:

All we expect from our clients is that they be clear which of the above they want help with. We take care of the rest viz. both strategy and the execution. You need not be a digital marketing expert.

Some people have now started calling the first three solutions together as customer engagement.

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Brand building


In today’s competitive markets, just sales aggression is not enough, one needs to create in parallel awareness and a preference for one’s product or service, in other words, create a brand.

Outside of some selected sectors e.g. FMCG, brand-building has not been a focus area for most organizations. However, digital marketing makes this possible.

If you want to make your brand known in the market, there are several ways to do this via the Internet.

To begin with, you can ensure that you have a great website. You can advertise online on various websites. You can create an effective Facebook page or a You Tube channel.

In many industries, especially those with high value products or services, consumers today are first going online to search for information. Or, they come to know of the product or service from their online friends. Not having an online brand-building strategy can therefore be costly.

Interskale can create and implement a effective brand-building plan for you.

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Read our digital marketing blog, where we share insights based on our digital marketing practise.


Customer acquisition

how to acquire customers using digital marketing

For most organizations, the number one issue is acquiring customers. Here, the Internet helps in three ways: enquiry generation, enquiry follow-up and in online purchase.

Digital marketing has tools to persuade tools to get response, tools to get response and tools for doing online transactions.

The enquiries generated are of good quality, cost-effective and given the large number of Internet users, can usually be scaled up in terms of numbers. One can choose the location (city, State or country).

Interskale offers a web-based lead management system for follow-up and better conversion of your online enquiries.


Managing customer relationships

digital marketing for better customer relationships and customer loyalty

The Internet makes it easy to keep in touch with existing, with prospective and with lapsed customers.

Email marketing and newsletters, SMS, online chat and webinars are some of the tools deployed.


Building online businesses

agency for setting up and building online business

There has never been a better time to launch an online business. We can help build this for you. We begin with branding. We next create an effective website or portal or online platform to sell your product or service. After launch, we follow up with online marketing, with services such as online advertising and social media.

We can help you launch and scale up your online business, whether this be a product or service, B2B or B2C, and your market, global or local.

We know what works: we have built and managed sites with millions of Internet users. Learn more about us.



specialist firm for building company intranets

Extranets and intranets are important tools to increase productivity. And the larger the organization, the greater the benefit.

We build and manage extranets to reach out to external stakeholders such as suppliers and industry partners. Similarly, our intranets help in increasing employee productivity, inter-departmental collaboration and employee bonding with the organization.

Alumni websites and community portals are also getting to be popular, we can do these for you.

Today at Interskale, using digital marketing, we can make the following possible for you:

  • Improve awareness for your product or service
  • Help you better service your customers
  • Make prospects interact with you
  • Help you nurture and retain existing customers
  • Get enquires
  • Get you feedback on your products, service and brand
  • Make possible the online buying of your product or service
  • Connect better with your employees and business partners
  • Make you keep in touch with your lapsed customers
  • Launch a new online business

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