Digital marketing solutions


We develop media plans, develop creative and run online ad campaigns that enhance your brand awareness and appeal.

Whether the marketing task be the launch of new brands, better positioning of existing brands or something else, brand building can be effectively done using digital marketing. This is because the digital medium has high reach, good targeting capabilities (demographic and others), multiple ad formats and good measurement capabilities.

The measurement capabilities of digital have

improved significantly Search, display, social and video ad channels today all provide the reach and the frequency of campaigns.

At Interskale, we are experts in creating and running brand campaigns that provide the highest ROI possible.


E-commerce is a business with high potential and the business of the future. No organization can really ignore it. However, today creating a successful e-commerce business is fairly challenging.

At Interskale, we handle the major online pieces for you. We build quality e-commerce websites, send relevant traffic to the website, optimize the campaigns and websites to getter better conversions (orders) from the traffic and assist in getting repeat orders from past shoppers.

Primary Services
Online advertising, Website services, Conversion optimization, Email marketing

Secondary services
Online market research, Print collateral

Lead generation
& management

At Interskale, we have perfected the use of online campaigns to generate leads in volume and as per the client’s desired parameters of cost and quality.

We also offer - for lead generation clients - the Interskale Lead Management System, a web-based softwsre dedicated to the efficient management of leads. It has many value-added features built through a decade’s experience in managing over 300,000 leads.

We have worked on 50+ lead generation assignments - across industry sectors – including education, health care, exports, B2B, consumer durables and real estate.

Primary Services
Online advertising, Search engine optimization, Lead management system.

digital assets

Creating effective websites and making sure these websites generate business is central to effective digital marketing, and this is something at which we excel. Also, social media channels need to be well-managed to get adequate traffic and engagement.

Thanks to our pedigree, we have a good understanding of the digital medium. We follow Writing for the Web guidelines, our digital properties are well-designed for the Web as well as coded right.


If you are a product or service with a large buyer base but these buyers are not repeating their purchase or have lapsed altogether, Interskale can help. Lapsed customers can be brought back to repurchase a given product or service.

This is very useful for businesses with a large customer base and significant churn e.g. retail, BFSI, telecom and media.

Primary Services
Email marketing, Online advertising (targeted to own customer base)

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