Other digital marketing services

Digital strategy

Digital marketing strategy services

We advise organizations on how to grow their business via the Internet. We formulate digital strategy i.e. describe what digital marketing activities need to be done by the organization over time.

This service is useful for large or multi-divisional organizations who would like to lay down a digital marketing roadmap, allocate marketing budgets to digital and align various internal stake-holders before proceeding with digital marketing. Such exercises can often uncover the hidden, unrealized digital assets the organization possesses.

A closely related service is our digital audit. We evaluate the current digital strategy to see where you are and where you need to be.


Online market research

Online market research services

Traditionally, market research has been done using fieldwork, where the interviewees are met door-to-door. This makes the research cumbersome and time consuming.

In online market research, we select and reach the respondents to be surveyed efficiently, through highly targeted advertising. These respondents click on the ads and are taken to an online market survey tool, which records their response.

The response data is then analyzed and a report made available to you. Online market research is quick and inexpensive vis-a-vis offline market research. Interskale manages this activity for you, end to end.

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Explainer videos

Webinars management services agency

Explainer videos are one of the best ways to portray a brand story or educate consumers about products and services. We create effective videos that convince your website visitors to take action, such as filling up an enquiry form, giving you a call, buying a product or making them understand complicated products and ideas better.

Explainer videos typically use animation. Our creation process involves a combination of creative and technology skills. We first create persuasive scripts and story boards, design interesting animated characters and objects and then use animation software to build the video.

Here is an example of an explainer video made by us!


Logo design

Webinars management services agency

Build your brand identity with a unique logo. Create visually stunning, meaningful logos via our talented graphics designers. Your brand will get noticed and get favourable comments.

Organizations launching new brands as well as start-ups will find this service useful. Take a look at some of the logos designed by us.


Design of printed collateral

Webinars management services agency

Print flyers, brochures, posters or visiting cards, we design them all. While our primary business is digital marketing, as part of which we do design online ads, online posts, webpages et al, we realize that it’s often more convenient for our digital marketing clients to get all their communication designed in one place. Thus, we are there for our clients when it comes to their print design needs. Our print work is of the highest calibre.


Online Public Relations

Web PR services

We can get good mileage for you by doing PR online.

We create and publish press releases for you. These are press releases optimized for search and for social media. We also create and release other messages - for influencers others than the press.

Interskale assists in pitching the above news and stories. We release these to online newswires and we cultivate carefully curated online review sites, influential journalists and bloggers.

Our comprehensive online PR services suite includes - in addition to creating and disseminating news releases online - website management, SEO, blogging and online reputation management.


Usability improvements in existing Web-based applications

User-friendly web-based applications development services

You may find that the Web-based applications developed for your organization - either in-house by your I.T. department or by your I.T. vendors - are deficient.

Either the application is not easy to use or there are flaws in the navigation, product copy, visual appeal, performance in various browsers etc. This results in complaints and non-usage by the end-users (typically organizational employees).

Interskale has the capability to develop usable Web-based applications. We study and modify the Web application to make it bug-free, easy to use and better accepted by users in your organization.

We also have our own Web-based products ,that we offer organizations for their use. These are our lead management system and our customer feedback management system. We also design, develop and manage company intranets, corporate websites and ecommerce websites.


Customer analytics

Web analytics services

The Internet is the most measurable medium that has ever existed. That is, a lot of data is generated for each digital marketing activity, whether this be websites, email advertising, online advertising, social media or other. Interskale mines this data and presents actionable customer insights.

We also have an online marketing dashboard for our client organizations - called the Interskale Marketing Platform. This is where you can see the digital marketing data from your campaigns on an ongoing basis.


Online chat

Web-based chat services company

We offer online chat as a value-added service along with our website maintenance and lead generation activities.

Use of online chat enables a more intimate engagement with visitors to your website and advertising landing pages and is also a tool to give more leads or enquiries.


Short code services

Mobile marketing services company in Mumbai

We provide, in association with 3rd party providers, a choice of short codes. This service is particularly useful in drawing a response from your press, TV and outdoor advertising. Your users can send a message such as “SMS PRODUCT X to 57xxx” and get an incremental response.

Mobile is an integral part of our digital marketing work. We create responsive web designs i.e. create websites optimized for use on smartphones and tablets. And in online advertising, we target users on mobile devices as well.



Webinars management services agency

We help you conduct webinars to market your product or service. Webinars can be used to convert your prospects and leads. They can also help in connect better with and training your existing customers.