Digital marketing audits

The importance of digital marketing audits

Digital marketing is in so wide use that there is always the danger that some of the work done will be of poor quality. Doing good digital work is quite challenging, as multiple skills are required and several things have to be done right at once. Thus, it is common to find digital marketing work that has defects. Therefore, the need for a professional, independent evaluation or an audit.


Our audit practice

At Interskale, we have evolved ways to evaluate digital marketing work. We can do an evaluation of your website, your ad campaigns and other online work done to date, against well-accepted standards.

We offer this service in the form of audit reports.


We offer the following types of audits:

  • Website audit

    We evaluate the content, design, technical and strategy. Each of these areas consists of multiple factors.

  • Advertising audit

    We evaluate Google AdWords and other campaigns. Our evaluation assesses whether the campaigns have been run to their potential, whether they are being run efficiently and what actions need to be done.

  • Other audits: SEO, Emailer and social media audits

    In SEO audit, we evaluate the strategy and the search engine ranking. In emailer audit we evaluate the technical and content parameters etc.

For organizations who are seriously looking for an independant evaluation we offer this service at no charge. Contact us.

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