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The importance of digital marketing audits

Digital marketing is in such wide use that there is always the possibility that some of the work done will not meet expectations. And doing good digital marketing is quite challenging, as multiple skills are required and several things have to be done right concurrently.

Therefore, some organizations may be dissatisfied by the work done by their in-house digital marketing team or their outsourced digital partner and want an independent third-party evaluation.

A third party can indeed provide a fresh perspective. Hence the need for a professional, independent evaluation or an audit.

Our audit practice

At Interskale, we have evolved ways to evaluate your websites, your ad campaigns and other online work done to date, against well-accepted standards. We offer this as an audit consulting service. We study the campaign, website or other digital asset, data available and provide you a report with conclusions and recommendations.

We offer the following types of audits:

Our website audit practise

Organizations own multiple types of digital assets: websites, apps, social media channels, emailers & newsletters, ad creatives, videos etc. Websites are in use by all and are possibly the most valuable of the above assets. Our experience at Interskale, however, is that very few website owners really understand what makes for a good website. We have seen that typically websites are not paid attention, either the website has defects or its not well maintained and updated.

At Interskale, we have developed frameworks to evaluate websites in a multiple manner, along multiple dimensions.

Advertising audit

    We evaluate ad campaigns across four criteria

  • Do the campaigns meet the minimum standards expected?
  • Do the campaigns approach standards of excellence?
  • How has the performance been vis-a-vis previous periods?
  • How does the performance compare with industry benchmarks or competition?

    We ask ourselves dozens of questions during an audit.

  • Campaign structure & set-up
  • Optimization practices
  • Campaign ROI
  • Missed opportunities

The most common campaign audits are those for Google Ads and Facebook Ads, the ad platforms most in use.

Other audits: SEO, Emailer and social media audits

In SEO audit, we evaluate the SEO strategy and execution. In emailer audit we evaluate the technical and content parameters etc.