Online advertising

Role of online advertising in digital marketing

What we do

Online advertising, also known as PPC or pay per click and by other names, is one of our core strengths.

Our capabilities here are end-to-end, from strategy, media planning, creative development, campaign operations, lead management systems to campaign analytics. We work across all the popular ad websites and platforms. On Google AdWords, we run Google Search, Google Display Network (GDN), Google Remarketing (RLSA), Product Listing (Shopping), YouTube and other ads.

We are very active on Facebook Ads. We also run ads on LinkedIn, Instagram, Yahoo,, Amazon Ads, Twitter Ads, Times of India online, Bing Search and others, as required. In a nutshell, we do it all: SEM (search engine marketing), social media ads, display ads and video ads.


We have worked on clients across industry sectors and geographies and on large organizations and small. Our largest client has an ad budget in excess of $1 million a year and the smallest, a hundred times lower.

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Why we are good at what we do

Excellence in this area depends upon a solid understanding of the online domain, high creative standards and extensive experience, and we have all of these.

Our domain knowledge of online is good thanks to our management team which has senior management experience in consumer Internet companies (think companies like Google). The designers are from the top art schools in the country, ensuring top class visual designs (see our work). The digital marketers are a combination of MBA marketing, IT and media background people. The team has worked on over 50+ brands/campaigns over a 8 year period. It invests in continuous learning to keep up-to-date.

We are a Google Partner agency and our work has won us recognition.


What we deliver for our clients

Right strategy: Thanks to our knowledge of Internet domain, we can recommend exactly what campaigns will work for your brand and marketing requirements.

Impactful creative: Check out some of our work in Our Work section.

Continuous optimization of strategy and campaigns: Thanks to our understanding of data analytics as well as our proprietory analytics tools, we can optimize campaigns well.

Higher ROI: We deliver more and better leads, orders, app installs, ad impressions, clicks, consumer interactions etc., as required.

Peace of mind: Sign us up and leave your online advertising to us.


Our online advertising services

To sum up the online advertising services we provide:

  • Creative development
  • Media planning & buying
  • Online advertising operations
  • Display advertising
  • Search engine marketing
  • Mobile advertising
  • Analytics

The purpose of advertising may be creating awareness or other aspects of brand-building, driving traffic to an e-commerce site, app installs etc.

Often, the purpose of advertising is to get leads or enquiries. We are strong at lead generation.

We also do mobile advertising. We can help you can reach users across smartphones, tablets and feature phones and across IOS.

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