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High quality website design and development services

Website design and development

We follow website design and development best practices.

We apply several website design and development skills and follow a rigorous website design and development process to create quality websites that get traffic and create an impact. Our websites do not suffer from the basic deficiencies typical of many websites.

Website design and development best practices

Our website design and development skills:

Website strategy, content writing and editing, information architecture, user interface design, visual design, web design and development, content management systems, search engine optimization, web analytics etc.

Our website design and development process:

Here is a typical process for website design and development for medium and small sized websites (less than 100 pages), of the type in use by most brands and organizations.

  • Understand your business
  • Find out who will use your website and what you expect from the website
  • Create and get okayed the content structure
  • Write or edit previously written content for each page
  • Create wireframes which are the page-wise layout of the content and user interface
  • Create options for website’s look & feel
  • Design all the pages in the look which has been chosen by you
  • Develop the application (for product websites)
  • Get the pages HTML coded or developed via a CMS
  • Test the coded pages
  • Get client approval
  • Host the website on server
5 aspects of a good website

Strategy, Content, Design, Technology and Marketing.

All five need to be done well to get a good website.

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Website traffic generation expert company in Mumbai

Website marketing

Generating traffic for websites is a challenge. Interskale’s website work is single-mindedly about ensuring that the websites scale i.e. get more visitors, more visits and more time per visit.

This is why we develop easy to use websites, follow web usability standards, eliminate website coding errors and why we monitor website traffic using web analytics.


Fast loading website service

Website performance optimization

These are a set of best practices to optimize the website’s code to speed up the loading of the website.

Our websites are mobile-responsive i.e. seen equally well on phones, tablets and desktops.


Website domain name selection and domain name registration services company in India

Domain name registration

We can not only register a domain name for you, we can also help you select a name that is available as well as impactful.

We can make available email IDs for your website use should you so require.


Website logo design agency in Mumbai

Logo design

In case you don’t have a logo or would like to improve on your logo, we can develop one for you.

We will provide you several logo options to choose from, and iteratively arrive at a final logo that you like.

Website hosting services in Mumbai

Website hosting

We host your website on third party hosting provider’s servers.

Our hosting partners are top-ranked, tier 1 cloud hosting companies in the U.S. With this, you get the best possible value – trouble-free, 99.9%+ uptime hosting – at the lowest possible cost.

We manage all aspects of the hosting, you need to deal with us only, not with the hosting provider.

In case you have your own server or an existing hosting provider, we can work with them too.


Website maintenance, website hosting, website deployment, web analytics and website marketing agency in Mumbai

Website management

It is not enough to just build a great website. For attracting traffic to your website and for getting enquiries or orders through it, it needs to be well managed and well maintained. Websites managed by Interskale actually become better, day by day.

Website management includes all the activities needed post launch of the site. These include installing the website on the server (deployment), website hosting, updates to the website and addition of new features or additional content (these together are usually known as website maintenance), website analytics (especially monitoring of the traffic to the website) and search engine optimization.

At Interskale we not only manage the websites efficiently e.g. provide trouble -free hosting and timely content updates, we also recommend what ongoing changes and updates should be made to the site.


What’s a well maintained website?
  • Website pages load fast
  • Website is updated frequently
  • Updates are done as per a thought out plan
  • Analytics is studied to understand website user behavior
  • New features are added based on user needs and feedback
  • Content marketing and SEO are implemented

Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla website development company

Content Management   Systems (CMS)

We recommend the use of a content management system (CMS) type website for large and medium sites. CMS may also be used for small sites if you don’t need a highly unique, customized layout or design.

These are the advantages of using a CMS over using html-coded sites.

Firstly, there is a saving in the site development time and therefore costs.

Secondly, a wide range of features (code for which is called extensions or plug-ins) are available off the shelf, again leading to cost savings and more versatility.

Thirdly, updates of the site can be done faster than with non-CMS sites.

The most popular CMS today is WordPress. In addition to WordPress, we work on Joomla, SharePoint, Magento, Prestashop and other CMS. SharePoint is popular for intranets. Magento and Prestashop are
e-commerce CMS.


Website usability

In existing websites or web applications, you may be dissatisfied with the UI (user interface) or UX (user experience). The website or application is difficult to use. We can redesign this for you.


Websites FAQ
  • What content is most important to be updated?
  • How often should the content be updated?
  • How can website analytics help your business? Contact Interskale to know more.

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