Types of websites

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Corporate websites

Our corporate websites are designed to present the organization’s distinctive competence and achievements in the best possible manner.

You will feel proud to share the website’s URL(link) with others. Your sales teams will use it as the first point of introduction to the company and its products/ services.

The websites we build are effective. They result in deeper engagement with the visitors to the website i.e. increase in average time spent on the site and more repeat visits, as also more website visitors and more leads.

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Product websites

While ecommerce sites usually have a large number of products for online retail purchase, product websites are those with non-retail type products or services.

Job sites, matrimonial sites and social networking sites are examples.

Product sites need to be of very high quality if they are to succeed in attracting and retaining a sufficiently large number of website users. This is because these usually have some new, innovative service and even the organization launching this site is not well-known but is a start-up.

Interskale is able to build such high quality websites through its skilled team, quality processes and passion for excellence. These sites also need careful marketing post launch. User feedback is taken into account and the site tweaked so that users like it and use it more and more.

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Ecommerce website design and ecommerce business creation

Ecommerce websites

We develop easy to use and effective ecommerce websites.

We use ecommerce technology platforms - both powerful ones such as Magento as well as less sophisticated software like VirtueMart when the requirement is more basic - and we also do custom ecommerce website development.

Our differentiator is that we know how to build an effective ecommerce site, which means a site which results in ‘stickiness’* and conversion of the website visitors to customers. Towards this end, we take care of the ongoing management of the site as well as provide post-launch marketing services.

* Stickiness” is the tendency of a site to get repeat visits by its visitors

Should you have your own ecommerce site?

Every organization with a product to sell can have an ecommerce site! Can there be an ecommerce site for real estate or an aircraft? We believe so, yes. Would you like to be the first?

We believe there is scope for many more innovative sites..

We have received and continue to receive enquiries for the most unusual types of ecommerce sites.

Here is an ecommerce site which we have recently developed.

What are the requirements for a business to succeed in ecommerce? What will be your and our separate responsibilities? Get in touch to know more.

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Which ecommerce business should you start?

The more the inefficiency in your industry and the greater the consumer pain points you can identify, the greater the opportunity for ecommerce.

The story most often told is that of Jeff Bezos and the inefficiency he found in the books business – which lead him to start Amazon.com. There were millions of books but no bookstore could hold them; on the other hand the Internet was an ideal place to build a catalogue of millions of books.

Considering that the infrastructure in emerging markets (read India) is usually poor, we believe there is an even greater opportunity for a successful ecommerce business here.

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