Lead generation services

Online lead generation is one of our major services. We have worked with over 50 brands across industry sectors and geographies for their lead generation. In addition, we help you manage (follow-up) the leads more efficiently.

How we generate leads

We typically generate leads using online advertising. This allows us to generate leads at scale. Also, the advertising is shown to a targeted (relevant) audience, leading to relevant leads.

Leads may be also got organically from websites, from visitors going directly to or through a search to the website. A good website and the implementation of search engine optimization practices can increase the number of such leads.

We do not generate leads through cold calling, nor do we fix appointments or have our own database. Our leads are warm and exclusive and generated exclusively for you.

What is great about our online lead generation

We try to provide maximum number of leads at an affordable cost and high relevancy.

Lead generation case studies
Different factors are involved

How we maximize lead numbers

Leads may be generated directly from an ad e.g. when the person seeing the ad calls a phone number shown on the ad. However, it is much more common to generate leads from the landing page or website to which the user goes after clicking the ad.

We create landing pages that are persuasive and motivate users to contact you.

We also deploy a number of response tools on the landing page. These increase the number of leads per every hundred visitors coming to the page.

There are also several other innovations we use to maximize leads

How we provide relevant leads

Our clients have never had any concerns expressed about the relevancy of the leads provided by us. Invariably, over 95% of the leads generated are found to be relevant. Our audience targeting is refined: we reach only relevant audiences and our communication about the product or service being marketed is always crystal clear.

How we keep lead costs affordable

We choose the right ad platforms and audiences and create effective ads. Our experienced, well-trained digital marketers also continuously monitor and optimize the campaigns for better performance.

Helping you follow-up the leads

We not only generate leads but also assist you in their follow-up.

Leads generated are shared with you via our web-based lead management system. This is an extremely powerful and proven software, with many easy-to-use yet useful features for effective follow up of the leads.

Over time, the number of leads generated increases. Individual phone calls and emails are no longer adequate. For this follow-up at scale, we offer bulk email marketing, newsletter and SMS services.

Our typical lead generation engagement

We first research the various lead generation possibilities and create a campaign plan. During execution, we typically take about 3 months to evaluate the relative effectiveness of the various campaigns. Thereafter, we work on the most promising campaigns and scale up the lead numbers.

We work continuously to optimize the lead quality, minimize lead costs and maximize the numbers over time. And when new ad platform, audience targeting and creative unit opportunities become available, we check them out for their lead generation potential.

Interskale's track record in lead generation

Our team has generated over 300,000 high quality online leads to date, across over a dozen industry sectors, 50+ clients and across 100+ countries.

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