Repro India

Building global exports

Digital marketing for exports for a printing company

Repro is India’s leading books printing company, listed on the BSE stock exchange. When Intersakle was appointed as digital marketers for the company, about 60% of the company’s turnover was from exports. However, there were with significant challenges in scaling up these exports.

These challenges included inability to penetrate beyond few African markets, inability to penetrate beyond core products and need to strengthen mindshare and business share among marquee global clients.

Chinese competitors on the other hand had used digital marketing to great advantage.

What we did
  • Digital strategy identified need to build brand as well as do lead generation
  • Top class corporate website designed and developed
  • Directory listing and SEO was done
  • Website was actively maintained with regular weekly updates
  • Newsletters were created and sent to customers and prospects
  • Dozens of online advertising campaigns started for lead generation
  • Web analytics was used to evaluate impact of the digital marketing initiatives
  • Interskale's lead management system implemented

High appreciation of new website – company’s sales executives switched from brochures and PPT to website as primary sales tool

Enquiries from 100+ markets and business generation many times that of ad spend

Response time to attend to queries cut, thanks to Interskale’s lead management system

Successful launch online of new products – at low cost

Company management able to track ROI of digital marketing, thanks to Interskale's analytics dashboard

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