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Scaling up a global education company using digital

Case study on pioneering digital marketing work for education company Aptech

This was a pioneering, large scale digital marketing initiative in the education sector during 2007-2010.

Scaling up a healthcare MNC in India

Digital marketing case study for hearing care company Amplifon by a digital Agency

We have partnered with the world leader in hearing care to grow their business in India.

Creating a standalone online B2B businesss

Case study on how Godrej and Boyce used digital marketing for new warehouse trolley Skutro

We helped generate leads for Godrej and Boyce's new warehouse trolley.

How we made a website infographic
Vefemin hair oil

Hair oil brand's case study on use of digital marketing for online brand building and e-commerce

We created an impactful infographic for this hair fall oil brand's website to communicate why consumers should prefer this brand over others.

Brand-building for a retail company
Let's Meat

Case study on brand building using digital by for foods retail chain

We developed the e-commerce business for this retail chain.

Building global exports
Repro India

Case study on book printing company using digital marketing to generate international leads

We generated enquiries from publishers worldwide for a leading books printing company.

Brand-building and gifting sales for home fragrance products
Iris Home Fragrances

Digital marketing case study for Cycle Agarbatti's home fragrance brand Iris

We have helped India's leading fragrances company build their home fragrances business.

Gamification of retirement
SBI Life

Case study on gamification for SBI Life's retirement product

We created an online game to prevent consumer disinterest for a potentially boring life insurance product.

Organic marketing for international students housing company

Case study on organic marketing for an international student accommodation company's website

We consulted with an international students housing company to improve their website and organic traffic.

Building brand for a U.S. services company
Data Inc

Case study on brand identity and website building for  North American staffing company Data Inc

Our visual & UI design helped recast the imagery of a 35 year old global staffing services company.

Performance marketing for a U.S. clinics chain

How performance marketing agency Interskale helped scale up patient enquiries for U.S. veterinary clinics chain NVA

Our campaigns resulted in a dramatic increase in the incoming calls for 250 clinics in North America.

Enabling market expansion of a retail chain
Tea Trails

Case study on digital marketing for restaurant cafe chain Tea Trails in India

We helped this restaurant cafe sign up more franchisees and enhance their brand image.

Launching a new car battery
Amco Batteries

Brand launch and enquiry generation for new car battery company from Amco Batteries

AMCO is India’s first automobile batteries company, they pioneered the production of car batteries nearly 90 years ago.

Enabling e-commerce for a luxury retailer

Website development case study for a luxury jewellery brand

We developed a top notch user interface for a luxury jewellery brand.

Admissions to a U.K.
Cardiff University

Case study on using digital marketing to increase students from India for Cardiff University

We helped this U.K. university to vastly diversify their admissions enquiries from India.

Digital marketing for an amusement centres brand

Case study on pioneering digital marketing work for education company Aptech

We helped generate footfalls, grow revenue and improve brand recall.

UI elements for a corporate website

For a better website expensive, we developed a library of the UI elements to be used.

UI redesign for an e-commerce website

This was a UI improvement project for an e-commerce website.

Designing 100+ clinic websites
Healthcare clinics websites

We identified a way to quickly and easily
develop 100+ websites.