Scaling up a global education company using digital


The founders of Interskale, prior to starting the company, earlier set up and ran a large and successful digital marketing department at global education company Aptech.

Over about 3 years, digital marketing was built into an important business channel. Several digital transformation initiatives were also undertaken. Google India rated Aptech as the largest and most pioneering digital marketing initiative in the education sector. Major business benefits were seen.

The interesting thing is, this all happened way back in the years 2007-2010. This then is the story of digital marketing at Aptech over those 3 years, presented in 8 parts…


Brands worked with

Digital marketing was deployed across 13 businesses, both B2C and B2B, across 5 countries.

Digital marketing for education company

Major areas of work


Digital strategy

We crafted a digital strategy whose execution we monitored.

Digital strategy for an informal education company
Websites, blogs
Advertising, LMS, call centre
Centre locator, Webinar & chat
Counselor training
Webinar, chat, phone, wiki, online video
Centre locator, Webinar & chat
Online testing
Aptech Online Aptitude Test
Better usability
Enrolment module of Retail portal
Online learning
Avalon Learning Zone
Online payment
Mobile payment
Team spirit & collaboration
Aptalk, BP extranet
Team spirit & collaboration
Aptalk, BP extranet
Customer responsiveness
Student feedback & CEO LMS
Website, CEO Blog



We were involved in several branding exercises.


We built visually appealing, user-friendly websites.

Website development for an education company Digital marketing for education company website

Online advertising

A wide variety of ad campaigns and landing pages were created and used.

Online advertising for education institutes Digital advertising for education company Digital advertising strategy for a leading education company

Customer acquisition

Landing page

Over 200,000 leads were generated in one year.

Digital Agency for education company
Lead management system

A web-based lead management system was created and deployed across 1600
student counsellors (users) in 1100 locations.

Lead management system for Aptech
Call centre

Some leads were diverted to a central call centre, set up
by and working under the digital marketing department.


Distribution expansion

The company is a major franchisor. We used digital marketing to generate a large
number of franchisee enquiries, resulting in new franchised locations such as the above.


Social media and collaboration

Social media

We ran Facebook contests and You Tube channels. This was in 2008-09.

Social media management for Aptech
Company blog

A blog was created for and run on behalf of the company CEO.

Company intranet

Aptalk, a company intranet, was created and editorially managed by the digital marketing team.

Summing up

Digital marketing led to the creation of a new business channel for the organization, contributing an estimated 30% to the top line (revenue) alone. 200,000 leads were generated online in a year. 13 businesses across 5 countries benefited from digital marketing.

This success contributed to the birth of Interskale. If digital marketing can benefit one organization such, why not replicate this success elsewhere ?

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