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E-commerce is more important than ever

E-commerce sales have been growing year on year, powered by increasing Internet and mobile phone penetration and by consumer innovation from Amazon and other players. The Covid-19 pandemic increased the need to be online. Many online only brands (also called D2C or Direct to Consumer brands) have been launched.

It is also becoming clear that being present on marketplaces like Amazon or Flipkart will not alone do. Your competitors will all be there as well and getting a decent share from the crowded pie will be tough. Brands now need to have an independent, strategic presence online and to allocate more investments to this.

How well are e-commerce businesses being run

Running an e-commerce business requires retailers to have technology expertise, online marketing savvy and logistics partnerships. None of these has been a core capability of retailers.

At Interskale, we did a study examining the websites and organic marketing practices of 50 e-commerce businesses. These are India-based businesses and have all been active e-commerce players: each has advertised in a leading newspaper or magazine. The study showed that 90% businesses were deficient in at least one key area.
Read the report.

Interskale’s e-commerce solution: Set-up, sell, scale

We partner e-commerce businesses in setting up, selling and scaling up, as follows.


Read our study of 50 e-commerce websites


1. We set you up online

If you want to set up an e-commerce website or want to overhaul your existing website, contact us. Our services include branding (logo and domain name), choice of technology, content writing, visual design and UI, web development, website management and hosting post launch. We work on all the leading platforms e.g. WooCommerce (WordPress), Magento, Shopify and others.

2. We get you sales

We drive sales by getting you traffic to the website and by helping maximize the conversions from this traffic.

We drive traffic to sites through online advertising (PPC) as well as search engine optimization (SEO). We are an award-winning Google Partner agency with expertise in Search Ads, PLA (Shopping) Ads, Remarketing, Facebook Ads and many more.

Our e-commerce conversion optimization services help track and optimize your website to increase the % visitors who buy.

3. We get you scale

In e-commerce, it is important to first take the right baby steps. This area - like any other emerging business - has its own unique challenges. As shown by our survey of 50 e-commerce sites above, practical experience and perspective on what best to do in an e-commerce business is sometimes missing. Some organizations consequently are stuck with a sub-scale or stillborn online business.

Interskale's management team has however a good understanding of the marketing challenges and nuances involved in e-commerce. Our CEO was part of India's first online shopping success story, Rediff Shopping, during the late 90s.

See some of the e-commerce websites built by us.

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