How we developed an infographic

Hair oils is a competitive category. Vefemin hair oil was launched online only and positioned as a premium hair oil to control the hair oil problem. The challenge was to create an impactful communication as to why consumers should prefer this hair oil.

This infographic shows the ideation process or the iterative steps our creative team followed to arrive at the final communication. The purpose is to show the thought and care that Interskale takes in developing effective creative.

Infographic design for a hair oil company

In our first iteration, we started with a simple two image illustration which showed the two types of ingredients present in Vefemin hair oil viz. 12 types of cold pressed oils and 10 nutritive ingredients.

Brand building for hair oil brand

We modified the above two images to make the details more readable.

Infographic design for fmcg company product

The above (step 2) approach was considered inadequate. It was felt consumers will not understand the benefit of these very many ingredients. Thus, we introduced the 3-fold action by which the hair oil controls hair fall: it protects, nourishes and fortifies the hair.

Infographic design ideas

The above thoughts were arranged in a logical sequence and the names of the 12 cold pressed oils omitted.

Digital agency for hair oil company

Brainstorming by our team with the manufacturer revealed that the mix of 12 cold pressed oils being used in Vefemin is somewhat unique - for three separate reasons - they were imported, difficult to use and never before used in hair oil. This was shown visually as above.

Also, icons were created to show the many separate virtues of Vefemin e.g. 100% vegan, preservatives-free and mineral oil-free.

Website design for ecommerce personal products company

An alternate layout was created to see whether this would make for more appealing communication.

Creative agency for hair oil brand

The layout used in step 5 above was preferred to the one in step 6. The need was felt to showcase one more important property of the hair oil viz. that it’s oil ingredients are present in an ideal ratio.

Digital marketing agency for e-commerce website

A more interesting way was found to communicate the ‘ingredients mixed in ideal ratio’ promise.

Design ideas for infograph for a website

The final infographic with detailed 5 layered communication can be seen here.