Interskale Lead Management System

Why use a lead management system

We are able to generate and scale up the number of leads over time. As the leads numbers increase, it becomes creasingly important to use a lead management system, that can help the team manage the leads efficiently.

What is a lead management system

At Interskale we have developed a web-based, easy to use lead management system (LMS) that has several features to help manage the leads better. The system has been used by dozens of our clients over the last 10 years. We recently launched Version 3.0, which has improvements over the preceding version.

When we run online campaigns, users fill a form on the landing page or client's website. These form-based leads from online campaigns are sent to the LMS. Leads can be shared among multiple users or sent to a single user.

Each user can login to the LMS, view the leads, the call each lead and update the lead status (e.g. interested, to call back or not interested) and lead priority in the LMS. A call back reminder can be set if the lead needs to be called back.

Role of LMS in optimizing the campaigns

The system has inbuilt lead analytics for use by Interskale. As the leads status get updated by the users, Interskale's digital marketers working on the lead generation campaigns come to know which campaigns are generating the best leads.


The system has several rich features including reports, SMS and mail alerts and also the provision to add offline leads - which are leads not from the form on the client's landing page - but are incoming calls and other leads available with the client.

5 times better

A few key features of the LMS can be customized to each client's requirement.Use of the Interskale lead management system has been known to improve conversion of leads by 5x, as opposed to the use of Excel sheets for managing leads.

We also work with other LMS available in the industry e.g. Zoho CRM.