Digital marketing consulting

The most valuable part of a digital marketing solution

Marketers, business heads and clients consider the most valuable part of digital marketing to be the strategy or advice on what to do. They believe that the individual digital marketing services, be it email, social media, website, online advertising et al, are well-known and do-able. But these digital marketing clients have questions on the mix and sequencing of the services and on the outcomes they can expect from digital marketing. Sometimes they are also keen to know how great digital marketing execution happens.

Typical questions we are asked
  • 1. What digital marketing services should be prioritized?
  • 2. Should we do SEO or SEM or both?
  • 3. Should we list or e-commerce business on marketplaces or should we have our own e-commerce website or both?
  • 4. Which product line should be pushed online?
  • 5. How does one become a major D2C brand?
  • 6. I have built an intranet, how can I get my organization to adopt it?
  • 7. Is my current website good?
  • 8. How can I maximize my relevant leads?
  • 9. How to do high quality execution?
  • 10. What are the minimum budgets needed?

and many more…

Clients need advice on the digital marketing strategy. And they want an experienced team for high-quality execution. At an overall level, the clients want to know what ROI they can expect from digital marketing.

The need for digital marketing consulting

Marketers and business people want answers to their above questions on strategy, execution and expected ROI. There is an increasing need to get these answered by experienced and seasoned digital marketers - for example Interskale - who have “been there done that”.

This is because digital marketing is a new as well as an ever-changing, dynamic field. And formal education programmes do not quite meet the cut. One needs extensive hands-on experience to be able to do it well.

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Our digital marketing consulting services

Some of the digital marketing consulting services that we offer are:

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • How to build an online business (product and marketing roadmap)
  • Market research online
  • Market entry - new market entry by domestic and international organizations
  • Digital marketing audits
  • Internet product development
  • Marketing and brand strategy

No matter at what stage - new or established - you are in your digital journey and no matter whether you are an established global corporate or a young startup, we can help.

Why we are good digital marketing consultants

Interskale is headed by one of Asia's most experienced Internet marketers.

We combine a superior understanding of the Internet domain, creative excellence, marketing and brand management expertise and experience across different industry domains to give your digital marketing the best start/restart.

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