Lead Management System for India

What is a Lead Management System ?

A system, usually online, to view and follow-up all the enquiries or leads received.

Efficient follow-up of leads

Why use a Lead Management System ?

Usually leads are warm enquiries and for best results, they need to be answered fast, else the prospect loses interest. In our experience this is often not done.

Further, as the volume of leads increases, efficient follow-up and conversion - via Excel sheets - often becomes unmanageable.

About Interskale’s LMS

The Internet is very effective at generating leads and at Interskale we are particularly strong at this.

Interskale has developed a web-based lead management system (LMS), tailored to the requirements of the typical sales person following up with the lead.

This LMS, available at, is very easy to use and has several tools for follow-up, appointment setting and reporting.

Use of Interskale’s lead management system, has been known to give 5X better conversion of the leads for organizations which were earlier not using any LMS, but using just Excel sheets.

This system is dedicated for managing leads and not a general purpose CRM, thus it is very effective.

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The importance of following-up online leads quickly
This is a study regarding the follow-up of millions of online leads.

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Customer feedback management system

Organizations can benefit by having a formal system to get feedback from their customers, whether these be product or service quality complaints or suggestions for improvement.

Interskale has devised a web-based customer feedback management system. This has features for

  • Online input of feedback from the customers
  • Internal escalation of the received feedback - among the departments of your organization
  • Intimating the customer once his feedback has been attended to

The system can be customized for your organization’s requirements.

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Online complaint management system
Web-based customer feedback management system

Other products

We are working on other products. These are innovative products that can make a significant difference in improving our daily lives. We are looking for organizations who would like to be associated with these products. If you would like to know more, contact us.