Internet market resources

Marketing managers, business heads and others who want to use digital marketing can benefit by knowing about the Internet market and Internet industry trends. Here is a selection of useful material that we recommend.

World Internet market reports

World Internet Market

World Internet numbers has been reporting Internet subscribers by country for 15+ years now. In our experience, these are good first approximations for individual country’s Internet user numbers.

World Internet usage trends

Mary Meeker, earlier with Morgan Stanley Tech Research and VC firm KPCB and now running her own firm Bond Capital has for many years been producing reports on Internet trends worldwide.

See some of Mary Meeker’s important reports in recent years.

Pew Internet reports on Internet usage and adoption

Pew Internet is a non-profit organization based in the U.S. From the early days, it has been tracking Internet use and adoption by different segments (chiefly U.S., but useful - on the assumption that consumers worldwide behave similarly). Here is the site.

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Recommended marketing learning resources

Marketing resources

We also recommend some marketing reading that we believe to be particularly useful.

David Aaker’s blog

Brand guru David Aaker’s blog and newsletter give great insights on ongoing brand trends. You can read as well as sign up for them here.

FAQ on Marketing

This is one of the few books by marketing guru Philip Kotler that can be read in one sitting. That’s because it’s structured like a Q & A.

It’s useful if you studied marketing long ago (works as a marketing fundamentals refresher) or if you have not studied marketing formally.

You can buy the book here.

Marketing 4.0

This 2017 publication outlines a framework for doing digital marketing, in the way 4Ps and 4Cs did for marketing per se. And this book is also useful if you want to understand how the Internet is really impacting consumer behaviour and marketing itself.

The book is co-authored by Philip Kotler and two marketers who run a leading Indonesian brand consulting company.

Blog on Marketing and on the Internet

May we recommend our CEO’s blog, Marketer’s Kaleidoscope ? This covers marketing and the Internet market, with special reference to India. You can follow this here.

Indian Internet market reports

India’s Internet market

IMRB-IAMAI Annual tracker on India’s Internet market

For over fifteen years now, market research agency IMRB has been tracking India’s Internet market via an annual consumer survey. In recent years, Internet industry association IAMAI has been associated with this study.

These market reports are only available for a fee from the IAMAI website. Here is a sample executive summary of an old report.

As per the last annual study 'Internet in India 2017' by Internet industry association IAMAI and market research agency Kantar IMRB, the total number of Internet users is projected to be 500 million in June 2018.

TRAI report on Internet subscribers

Government body Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) reports Internet subscriber numbers every quarter. Their reports are available here. There were a projected 604 million Internet subscribers in India as of December 2018.