International business

International clientele contribute a key part of our business. You can confidently and also very conveniently, outsource your digital marketing requirements to us.

International clientele

We are based in India in Mumbai but cater to an international clientele. We are currently working with clientele in U.S., U.K. and South-East Asia. In the past, we have worked on projects for GCC and Australia-based organizations. For that matter, even in India, a majority of our clients in India are based outside Mumbai.


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Global practices

The work practices we deploy in servicing these out-of-town clients come in handy while dealing with overseas clientele. We also recognize the fact that services and work practices overseas may vary, and we adapt accordingly. E.g. we typically provide higher level of reporting and quality checks for overseas clientele than we would do for Indian clients. The type of SEO assignments we have done for the U.S. market vary in style and substance from those we do locally.

Global standards

We firmly believe that ours is a global company that but happens to be based in India. The Internet is a global medium. Our day to day work involves the use of ad platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and of leading website CMS. We are a badged Google Partner agency. Our websites are hosted overseas with top cloud hosting providers.

Our team of associatesis constantly engaged in keeping themselves upto date with the latest and the best in our field.

Best of talent

We are able to draw on a pool of talent available in the happening city of Mumbai, for digital marketing, creative, web technology and other skills that we need. Our associates have good and above average English communication skills.


Why Interskale

In the field of performance marketing (online lead generation, ecommerce conversion optimization and the like) we are second to none. We are an award winning, badged Google Partner agency . We are one of a handful of agencies to win the Game On challenge Google runs for its agencies. We have won top honours at this contest two times in a row (JFM and AMJ 2017). Our USP is high quality and this high quality is brought to you at a value for money total cost.

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