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Here is our point of view about why digital marketing is a great option for each of these sectors.

This is a competitive industry offering high ticket items. Thus it's difficult to get a purchase when there is a tough economy, as it is now.

And prospective customers are increasingly busy or lazy to make a site visit.

And if you are an established realty firm, with many successful projects to your credit, you have to make sure that you get the benefit of the hard work you have done and the reputation you have built.

Otherwise, competitors who are relative newcomers but are more savvy in marketing may end up creating a bigger and better impact than you.

At Interskale we have novel ideas for the real estate industry, both for brand-building and for lead generation.

Multiple brands, low market penetration for many financial asset classes (in India and emerging markets), product parity, tremendous competition and a web-savvy customer profile make digital marketing for this industry especially exciting.

Digital marketing provides the marketer more micro-targeting opportunities as well as more ROI data than any other marketing method

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With a 160 million plus subscribers, India is now the world’s second largest Internet market and the one with the maximum potential for growth yet. (Yes, you guessed right, China’s a bigger Internet market, but the growth there has peaked).

Can you afford not to be online? Have you considered online innovations to influence your consumers or are you only happy measuring your progress by the increase you are making in digital spends year on year?

With a large number of products, manufacturers, specialists, patients, chemists and other constituents, this is an industry with a complex and information-rich delivery system.

Through digital marketing, there is immense scope both for bringing efficiencies to marketing communication and of breaking through the clutter.

This is an industry where every human being is a potential customer. As the Internet now has phenomenal and growing reach (450 million users in India and 3 billion+ worldwide), there is no better marketing medium than digital.

Consumer services are well suited for being sold online. And you can not only acquire but also service consumers online.

Online payment and online chat tools are just a couple of examples of the digital marketing tools that help.

The Internet is a young person’s medium. Thus, 100% of prospective education customers (students) are online.

Education is going online too, faster than any one of us would have imagined sometime ago.

We have worked extensively with education companies, universities and institutes.

The micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) sector accounts for about 45 per cent of the manufacturing output in India and 40 per cent of its total exports. The sector is estimated to employ about 69 million people in over 26 million units across India, which manufacture more than 6,000 products ranging from traditional to hi-tech items.

This sector can benefit immensely from marketing. Owing to its low cost and global reach, digital marketing is very well the preferred marketing medium.

However, this sector lags behind in its use of The Internet: barely 2% of the millions of units in India have an online presence.

We manage the entire online activity here, from branding, planning, technology selection, design and development, marketing and integration with your ERP.

Manufacturing (e.g. engineering industries) is a competitive business requiring investments in plant and machinery while also trying to match pricing pressures from low cost competitors such as those from China.

It often leaves very little available for investment in marketing. Thankfully, there is now available digital marketing, where the investments can be scaled up incrementally, apart from being measurable in their impact.

Having built your brand and your supply chain and distribution networks, are you capitalizing fully on these assets?

We can drive footfalls to your retail stores, promote your seasonal and other offers as well as generate enquiries from prospective franchisee partners for you.

Digital marketing can help.

There is a lot of value – detailed product specs, brand values and technology strengths - behind that durable that you have manufactured and are now selling.

This can be best communicated via websites and online media. The 30 sec TV ad or the 5 minute pitch by the sales person in your franchised showroom will not be enough.

Also, a large number of transactions in durables are researched online before purchase.

At Interskale, we can help you make a better pitch for your product.

This was perhaps the first industry where over 50% of the prospective buyers started researching online what cars they should buy.

The question for these companies now is “What is the state of the art digital marketing that can influence prospects the best and get an edge over competition ?

Selling telecom handsets or services is not a problem, but how do you do profitable customer acquisition?

How do you get customers to see value in these – whether they be smartphones or 3G? Are massive press and TV advertising and deeply discounted offers the only way?

How do you optimize your investments in infrastructure and distribution, so that underserved areas and segments are better utilized?

Digital marketing can help.

How do you build an exports business? How do you get enquiries at an affordable cost? Or go to parts of the world where you don’t exist, for instance to the French or Spanish speaking parts of the world? Most importantly, how can you build this business in a manageable time of a few months rather than years?

Since all businesses are online and so are their senior management, the real question is not whether digital marketing should be used, but how? There are intelligent ways to reach decision makers within the organizations you want to reach.