Digital Strategy

The challenge of formulating a digital strategy

Digital marketing is a very rapidly evolving field. Large companies like Google and Facebook are making huge investments to improve their ad platforms. Ten of thousands of digital marketing specialists worldwide are evolving new tools and practices in different areas of digital e.g. SEO and website development. Online user behaviour is changing thanks to the increase in mobile usage and increase in vernacular (non-English) language. This and much more makes digital marketing a very dynamic field, where there are no standard answers.

For organizations, it makes getting the answer to the question: "what digital marketing should I do?" a challenge. In other words, it makes formulating digital strategy a challenge.


Why Interskale is well placed to recommend
digital strategy

In a rapidly evolving field such as digital marketing, it pays to work with an agency who understands the Internet domain inside out.

Our founding team consists of senior Internet industry executives (alumni of IIT/IIM) who have worked on large scale, complex digital marketing assignments over the last 18+ years. Further, in our 8+ years at Interskale, we have spoken to an estimated two thousand organizations, across industry sectors and across geographies, for their digital marketing requirements. We have done online audience research across over one hundred industry segments to understand what digital marketing services work best for each industry.

All this gives us a unique understanding of what digital marketing strategy an organization should adopt. We are well placed to help.


Our digital strategy practices

Our digital strategy recommendations consists of both what your organization should do and what it should not. Our customized recommendations are tailored to your industry, your organization and your current business need.

In our experience, a common failing is to try everything together. We will tell you what to do when. Another business principle we follow is recommending only the services you need to achieve your goals. If we believe that some digital marketing services being considered by you will not add much value, we will tell you upfront.

In addition to recommending the best digital strategy, as a best in class, full service digital agency, having a mix of skilled creative, marketing and web tech resources, we can execute i.e. deliver our recommendations as well.

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