SBI Life

Making selling insurance easier


One class of life insurance products are retirement plans. Selling a retirement plan requires personalized calculations for the retirement corpus and the monthly instalment for each prospect. The insurance advisor uses a retirement calculator to do this

However, the existing calculator of the company was boring and also had errors. Potential retirement plan buyers were not keen to listen to the insurance advisor’s pitch.

What we did
  • The retirement calculator was recreated as an interesting online game. This game could be played on tablets and smartphones, in addition to desktops.
  • The calculation of the corpus and the monthly savings was made easier to understand. Several scenarios were included to work out the requirements under any situation.
  • The game has very cool and innovative graphics. It uses a man and a woman characters and has 2D animation.
  • We also branded the game (Retire-o-gator).

The game was launched on the company’s website and on the tablets of its insurance advisors. It is still in use after several years.