Website design and development

Our website designing

We follow a mature process in building the website. We first study the brand, products or business involved, then collate, write and edit content. Our content writing is per best principles of writing for the web. It is also grammatically sound and search engine friendly. Our website designs have user interfaces which are intuitive, as they draw upon best practices. For example, we know where best to place a form on the page and what colour buttons are best avoided. We have a feel for the maximum width of a single line of content and we know how to optimize an image so that it looks sharp. We have graphic designers who have trained at India’s top design Institutes and are also experienced in the Web: they are able to produce designs which both look good and are “usable”.

We design
and develop high
quality websites


Our web development

Our team is familiar with and experienced in the majority of the well-know web technologies such as custom HTML, custom PHP/My SQL, WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, Shopify et al. Therefore, when it comes to web development, which is done post the content writing and design of the site, we first ensure that we choose the appropriate web technology, keeping in mind both the web trends and your type of website. We ensure the front-end development (whether done using custom HTML development or through WordPress) is error-free and conforms to web standards. Our websites are responsive across major devices and - importantly - optimized to download fast.

We build every type of website. The most common website projects are corporate sites, brand sites, product websites and e-commerce sites. We also build web portals, intranets, blogs and other types of specialty sites.

We understand what it takes to build websites because our management team has prior experience in the Internet industry, where they built sites foremail, news, search, chat, shopping and other services that drew in millions of users.

Our websites draw our users love, meet web standards and make a business impact.

For its web development work, Interskale deploys a range of web technologies, tools and best practices

Web development tools we use