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What do most websites lack?

Redesigning poor quality websitesOur internal study shows that even the best of websites in the market today, overlook the importance of an all-inclusive website development programme.

More often than not, they focus on either the aesthetic or the technical part of it. However, it is a combination of both and a few more factors which make the website stand out amongst others.

Webby Awards, an organization based in New York city, which since 1997, is in the business of awarding websites, says India ranked 54th out of 56 countries. 

With our website design and development, we provide value-adds such as mobile-responsive websites, content management systems, consumer analytics and social media add-ons.

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Interskale’s quality websites

High ranking, well-designed quality websitesInterskale builds only quality sites, sites that are good for your brand image and for your business.
At Interskale, we follow website practices which the leading Internet companies (read Google, Yahoo et al) follow. These best

practices ensure that people who visit your site, stay on the site and visit many of its pages, are motivated enough to visit again and to inform their friends about the site. Thus a good quality site directly leads to more site traffic and more business.

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Some of our quality parameters

Building high quality, error-free websites

  • Copy is well-written, according to ‘Writing for the Web’ guidelines
  • Standard web conventions are followed.
  • Google’s webmaster guidelines are followed.
    Websites are free of technical errors.
    They comply with the W3C standards.
  • Sites are made keeping in mind not just whether they will look good but whether they will also be well-browsed.
  • Appealing colours and looks

16 typical problems in websites today..

  • Poor navigation
  • Poor organization of content (poor information architecture)
  • Web usability conventions not followed
  • Coding errors
  • Unappealing colours and looks
  • Using stock pictures that show people in an unbelievable, artificial manner (e.g. pictures showing employees or management who seem to be employed in North America whereas your company is based in India / some other country)
  • Flash type animations on home page (you see the scroll bar which shows that page is loading)
  • Language which is written for the third person rather than getting user to act on something
  • Pages which have nil content and just say "Page under construction"
  • Copy which is difficult to read, being very long, and not having any sub-heads. Copy which is in very small size, so difficult to read
  • Jarring colours or design
  • Basic grammatical errors
  • No forms available to leave behind any query or comments
  • Forms not working
  • No software installed to track the site’s traffic
  • Wrong coding such that it’s impossible to make changes to any one page of the site without disturbing all pages

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Why build a high quality site?

Unless you site is of great quality, visitors will go away in search of other sites that offer the same product or service as yours: after all, your competitors are also online, and just a click away.

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