Interskale Social

Possibly the biggest impact the Internet can make is in the area of social change and progress. Interskale Social is the name we have given to a set of social initiatives which we ourselves have conceived and are now executing.

Each of these initiatives is essentially online in character. When not busy with client work, the Interskale team devotes some of its time on web development, content writing and marketing for these initiatives. Each of these we believe are potential game changers. We seek sponsors to help scale these and would love to hear from you at .

Health tips

Be fit, be happy. But what path to take? There are so many different sources of information on health and fitness, and no one to vouch for their authenticity. Ever wish that you could be served such information, duly validated by those expert in the field, in bit-sized chunks, as you choose? We have just the right thing for you.

Carbon calculator

Climate change and global warming. Can the Internet be part of the solution? This is an initiative to take the climate change agenda to the masses and get them to act for themselves, not just read about it in the media or wait for governments and policymakers to take action.

Corporate social responsibility

CSR is now not just a good thing to do but one mandated by the Companies Act. It is estimated that over 15,000 companies in India now need to statutorily spend a part of their profits each year on CSR.

We have built a CSR portal for the CSR teams within each organization to share the work done by them and learn of the work being done by their peers across other organizations.

Interested in any of these ideas? Or seeking help to develop your own idea? Contact us at